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Mackenzie Kubik

Class of 2019, McMurtry College

Chemistry, Latin American Studies, Policy Studies

Mack was once told by the US Government that her list of achievements was too long. This girl is not only pursuing three majors, but she also seems to be involved every organization on campus! Her resume shows her brilliance and commitment to the advancement of society and social justice, but fails to portray that above all, Mack is a warm and caring person whose compassion is clear to everyone she meets. Amazingly, she still finds time in her schedule to relax with friends, binge watch HIMYM, and share advice with her O-Week freshman.

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Melody Lin

Class of 2018, Hanszen College

Political Science and Policy Studies

Business Minor

Melody Lin was unofficially voted "Most Likely To Respond to Someone Waving At The Person Behind Her" in high school and continues to validate her legacy once a week. Hailing from the land of boba, aka Taiwan, she loves to talk about anything Harry Potter, social issues, or Parks & Rec-related. Preferably all three topics at the same time. She is immensely proud of being a leftie, and always loves it when people visit her at the Rice Women’s Resource Center so please stop by!

Jannie Matar

Class of 2020, McMurtry College






Jeana Nam

Class of 2018, Lovett College

Political Science

Jeana Nam is a rising senior and a rising star. She’s a true power woman, passionate about people to her very core. She’s studying cognitive science and spends her time doing activities across the board—speaking of boards, she is the newest board member (!) of the Clinic Access Support Network, a Houston-based organizing providing transportation resources to women seeking abortions. She's also a counselor at the Houston Women's Clinic. On top of being a badass member of her community and invaluable resource to those around her, she’s a musical artist! She describes herself as an “occasional fiddle player and violinist in a Texas country band.” She makes people’s days, both with her music and with the lovely coffee drinks she makes at Rice’s Coffeehouse, where she works as a KOC. Jeana is an incredible friend, a force of nature, an advocate, a gem. 





Sarah Torresen

Class of 2019, Sid Richardson College


Sarah Torresen loves really huge rainstorms, podcasts (and also reading), compost, and every episode of The Office. She’s from Washington, DC and is a big supporter of DC voting rights/statehood (let’s talk about it). Last semester she was abroad in Malawi, India, and Italy on a program focused on issues of food insecurity and sustainability. She started volunteering for the Rice Women’s Resource Center her freshman year and look where she is now!