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Mackenzie Kubik

Class of 2019, McMurtry College

Chemistry, Latin American Studies, Policy Studies

Mack was once told by the US Government that her list of achievements was too long. This girl is not only pursuing three majors, but she also seems to be involved every organization on campus! Her resume shows her brilliance and commitment to the advancement of society and social justice, but fails to portray that above all, Mack is a warm and caring person whose compassion is clear to everyone she meets. Amazingly, she still finds time in her schedule to relax with friends, binge watch HIMYM, and share advice with her O-Week freshman.



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Dani Shewmake

Class of 2018, Jones College

Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and Spanish

Dani lives in Fort Worth, Texas with her family. She has two beautiful and talented sisters and a very adorable baby brother. If you ever want to see cute baby/toddler videos, she's definitely the person to go to. Dani spends her free time managing the Rice volleyball team and playing volleyball for Jones College. This future doctor is always willing to give pre-med advice about the Medical Humanities club, her past internships, and the application process. Regardless of the inconvenience to her, she always helps out friends and acquaintances.

Neha Potlapalli

Class of 2019, Will Rice College


Neha Potlapalli is originally from Minneapolis, MN and enjoys ‘90s movies, Raising Cane’s, and cats. She became a Wellness Coordinator after learning more about the social determinants of health through coursework and interactions with diverse communities in Houston. This year, she hopes to promote mental, physical, and emotional well-being in an effort to create a more open dialogue about health. When she’s not at the RWRC, you can find her at Coffeehouse ordering the KOC Drink of the Month (try the Waterloo Sunset!) or running around campus to her next meeting/help session/event. Come talk to her about wellness anytime!




Chloe Wilson

Class of 2019, Lovett College

Political Science

Jewish Studies Minor

Chloe Wilson's wide range of oddly specific interests range from Mizrahim feminism in Israel to ridiculousness of anti-choice legislation to wondering why Corgi butts are just so freaking adorable. She aspires to be a magical combination of Lorelai Gilmore, Leslie Knope, and CJ Cregg, and hopes to one day master the art of not overcommitting herself. Come talk to the Advocacy Coord whenever about the serious, the silly, and everything in between.



Zulfa Quadri (Nadia Zulfa)

Class of 2018, McMurtry College

Cognitive Sciences

Biochemistry and Cell Biology Minor

When Zulfa's not being super premed or doing neuropsychology research, you can find her chilling at Coffeehouse with her 4th cup of coffee, dancing awkwardly to fiercely feminist music (Beyonce ftw), or watching episodes of How I Met Your Mother, Parks and Rec, or Game of Thrones with friends. Sometimes she does all of those things at once. True story. Her other hobbies include eating, reading, painting, writing melodramatic poetry, obsessing over figure skating, and telling the same nerdy jokes over and over again. The one about Isaac Newton never gets old! After her women's empowerment Alternative Spring Break during her sophomore year, Zulfa became very passionate about intersectional feminism, especially how it impacts Muslim women and hijabis in the America. She hopes that her role as Advocacy Coordinator will foster dialogue and collaboration between the Women's Resource Center and other clubs at Rice.


Melody Lin

Class of 2018, Hanszen College

Political Science and Policy Studies

Business Minor

Melody Lin was unofficially voted "Most Likely To Respond to Someone Waving At The Person Behind Her" in high school and continues to validate her legacy once a week. Hailing from the land of boba, aka Taiwan, she loves to talk about anything Harry Potter, social issues, or Parks & Rec-related. Preferably all three topics at the same time. She is immensely proud of being a leftie, and always loves it when people visit her at the Rice Women’s Resource Center so please stop by!



Agnes Jiang

Class of 2019, McMurtry College

Mathematics and Mathematical Economic Analysis

As a lover of music and desserts, Agnes fills her life with singing, ballroom dancing, and, of course, indulging in sweets. With a camera and a backpack, she loves traveling by herself. So far, she has left her footprints in Taiwan, Toronto, Seattle, etc. Along the way, she talks with new people, tries delicious local food, and thinks about whatever pops up in her mind — those, in her view, are what an authentic journey is about. She has a passion for mental health and gender equality, and is thankful that RWRC gives her a chance to explore more about these issues.



Julian Wilson

Class of 2018, Baker College

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Minor

Although she grew up in North Georgia, Julian now spends her time home in North Carolina when she’s not at Rice. She enjoys drinking tea, viewing/creating art, watching sunsets, and having compelling in-depth discussions about intersectional feminism. Julian also has a passion for plants, and enjoys impulse-buying seeds and plants to grow out on her balcony at Baker. If you ever want to discuss the portrayal of gender, sex, and/or sexuality in scientific theory and literature, she's definitely the person to talk to as that lies as the perfect intersection of her majors. This is her third year at Rice and volunteering at the RWRC, and her second year as a zine editor-in-chief. Anything involving puppies (or dogs of any age) will also potentially make her cry tears of happiness.  


Anna Durham

Class of 2017, Hanszen College


Politics, Law, and Social Thought Minor

Anna enjoys science fiction books, the woke study of US History, and films older than she is. She started volunteering in the office her freshman year and is now delighted to enter her second year as coordinator! When Anna grows up, she wants to be either an attorney or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She's always down to talk about sexual health and gender issues in the context of literature, movies, politics, and daily life. Stop by the office or shoot her an email if you want to chat about anything or have a particularly cute elephant picture to share.