Mackenzie Kubik

McMurtry CO 2019

Chemistry, Latin American Studies, Policy Studies


Mack has been with the RWRC since her sophomore year when she joined the team as a Volunteer Coordinator. Her vision for the centre this year is to improve upon the RWRC's missions of inclusivity and accessibility for all students on campus and to work towards engaging a more diverse array of students in RWRC events. When she's not in our office space gossiping over a soy Mexican-spice hot chocolate, Mack can be found on first-floor Fondy studying, or training for her first marathon!


Chloe Wilson

Lovett College CO 2019

Political Science Major | Religious Studies Major | Jewish Studies Minor


Chloe originally hails from New York City, but will always retain a special place in her heart for Oklahoma where her extended family lives (#BoomerSooner). Chloe has volunteered with the RWRC since her freshman year and served as advocacy coordinator her sophomore and junior years. Few things excite her more than long discussions regarding voter behavior dynamics and Halakhic menstrual purity laws. Other passions include enjoying excellent food, coffee, and music.

Chloe's vision for the RWRC is for it to be an accessible and dynamic space for community and conversation. She hopes to continue and improve upon the RWRC's tradition of being an inviting and compassionate space for students to come together, learn, and grow to be better activists, allies, and human beings. She is always open to new ways for how to make the RWRC an even better community, so feel free to reach out to her with your thoughts and ideas.