Zulfa Quadri

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Zulfa Quadri (Nadia Zulfa)

Cognitive Sciences Major | Biochemistry and Cell Biology Minor

McMurtry College CO 2018


Zulfa is a native Houstonian, growing up thirty minutes away from campus. When she's not working in the lab, you can find her at Coffeehouse with her 4th cup of coffee, dancing awkwardly to fiercely feminist music, or watching episodes of Doctor Who, Parks and Rec, or Game of Thrones with friends. Sometimes she does all of those things at once. True story. Her other hobbies include complaining about how she never gets enough sleep, painting, and organizing her Spotify playlists.

Her vision for the Rice Women's Resource Center is to make it as visible and inviting as possible for all kinds of people -- not just women and well-informed feminists. She wants the RWRC office to be a place of connection, conversation and collaboration across the board. She hopes her time as co-director will continue to foster new ideas and events that will make the RWRC an even more valuable part of the feminist movement. Revamping the office and the logo is just the beginning.


Julian Wilson

Julian Rose Wilson

Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Major | Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Major

Baker College CO 2018


Julian lives in North Carolina with her family, but has roots in Georgia (#GoBulldogs) where she grew up. Julian has been apart of RWRC since her sophomore year -- she was editor-in-chief of the zine for the last two years. She enjoys drinking tea, viewing/creating art, watching sunsets, and having compelling in-depth discussion about intersectional feminism. She also has a passion for plants, and might have a problem with impulse-buying seeds to grow in her room. Anything involving puppies (or dogs of any age) will potentially make her cry of happiness. 

Her vision for the RWRC is to emphasize that their goal is to make resources accessible for the entire Rice community. She wants to focus on collaboration, activism, and compassion. The office has always been a safe place for students to hang out and connect with one another, but she hopes this year to also make it a comfortable one. The new modern logo design is reflective of her goal of inclusivity, and the sharp intersecting line of the design itself are meant to represent strength and intersectionality.