Letter from the Editors


This blog is a collection of thoughts, comments, and research on gender and related topics. It is a continuation of the discussions that are already happening within the Rice community and beyond. The purpose of this blog is to create a platform that collects ideas and perspectives to give voice to concerns specific to our Rice community. Our goal is to engage the entire campus by exposing students to conversations on gender and sexuality among other things through a unique lens - a lens created by and for our community!

Even as mainstream platforms propagate the fallacy that gender inequality is a thing of the past, we recognize that true equality of opportunity is yet to be realized. It’s even more difficult to find identities outside the gender binary of man/woman in popular discourse, but we firmly believe that the representation of diverse identities is essential to any movement towards equality and recognition of all human dignity. It is with this in mind that this blog was created.

We hope that this blog will engender discussion among friends, classmates, and colleagues about the many ways in which gender and sexuality shape and are shaped by our culture. We welcome your feedback and contributions - contact us at womenrc@rice.edu or stop by the Rice Women’s Resource Center in the RMC. Thank you for reading, and be on the lookout for future entries.

Many of these blog posts will be compiled into Engender, a zine publication available here: 

Posted on March 22, 2015 .